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The Inaugural Meeting of the British Old Dutch Capuchine Society was held on Saturday January 8th 1972 at Reading Pigeon Show held in Reading Town Hall; it was the third club for the breed to be formed worldwide.The founding members were John Tucker, Ralph White, Harold Whitehead, Vic Corbin, Pat Pratt, Paul Saban, Barbara & Les Stone, and John S Harrison.

The original club was formed by H.Th. G Moezelaar in Holland in January 1959 , and today the Oud Hollandse Kapucijnenfokkers is the club responsible for the Breed Standard. It has an interesting website and has very useful photographs showing good and bad points of the breed. In 1966 the Altholländischer Kapuziner-Club was formed in Germany, with the British Old Dutch Capuchine Society following in 1972.  In 1984 the The Northamerican Capuchine Club was formed, and as recently as 2007 the Club Français des Capucins Hollandais was formed in France.

When the British Old Dutch Capuchine Society was formed the internet was non-existant and pc's & emails were pure fantasy! At the time the Entente Européenne did not exist and so when a breed was introduced the breed club in that country could draw up its own Standard. The BODCS initially used a USA/German standard, and subsequently a new standard was adopted in 1973 based on a translation of the Dutch, Belgian, and German standards: the meeting at which this was discussed was somewhat heated! John Tucker and John Harrison were over-ruled by the other members present and 'horizontal carriage' was deleted from the standard.The BODCS standard was in use until  December 1992 when the Dutch Standard was adopted.

In 1975 Joe Shaw from Irlam, Manchester was elected as President and in 1990 was made Life President, he was succeded by David Darbyshire in 1994, and Nigel Shore in 1999: the post became vacant in 2004. In 1980 Chris Wilkinson became Secretary/Treasurer a post he held until 2008, and was elected President. For 3 years John Harrison took over as secretary and in January 2012 this role was taken over by Helen Seed.

The membership of the Society has ebbed and flowed reaching a high of 30 members in 1996 but has retained a small core of dedicated members.



The British Old Dutch Capuchine Society
Rules of the Society

1       Title
a)    The club will be known as ‘The British Old Dutch Capuchine Society’.

2       Aims
a)    To promote the breeding and exhibition of the Old Dutch Capuchine;

b)    To secure classification at as many shows as possible;
c)    To stage an annual club show;
d)    To provide judges at as many shows as possible;
e)    To ensure all judges who judge breed classes have in their possession a copy of the breed standard.

3       Membership
a)    Each member will be required to pay an annual subscription fee as may be set from time to time;

b)    Subscriptions are due 1st January;
c)    No person under suspension of the NPA is eligible for membership of the Club.

4       Club Administration
a)    The President of the Society is an honorary position;

b)    The running of the Society shall be left to a Secretary and two elected Committee Members;
c)    An annual ballot will take place by post for the election of a secretary and two committee members;
d)    The Secretary and Committee retire annually but are eligible for re-election;
e)    The Secretary will be responsible for the finances of the Society;
f)     The Secretary and Committee has the power to fill any vacancy without calling an EGM;
g)    The Secretary is required to maintain accurate minutes of all meetings and financial accounts.

5       General Meetings
a)    An Annual General Meeting will be held at the annual Club Show wherever possible;

b)    At the AGM the Secretary will present an annual report and balance sheet;
c)    The AGM agenda will be circulated to all paid-up members at least 7 days before the meeting;
d)    Items for the agenda must reach the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of meeting;
e)    The Secretary and Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time;
f)     The Secretary and Committee may, at their discretion, hold a postal ballot of paid up members to decide upon any matter;
g)    All votes will be decided by simple majority.

6       Amendments to Rules & Breed Standard
a)    Alterations to the Rules can only be made at an AGM, a specially convened EGM, or by Postal Ballot;

b)    Proposals for alterations, additions or deletions to the Rules of the Club must be in the hands of the Secretary not less than one calendar month before the date of the AGM, or specially convened EGM, or Postal Ballot.
c)    Any changes to the Breed Standard ratified by the EE will automatically be adopted by the club.

7       Shows
a)    All shows (except those overseas) supported by the Club must be held under the rules of the NPA.

8       NPA
a)    All Rules of the National Pigeon Association applyto the Club and its members.



Chris Wilkinson

Helen Seed

Committee Member
Chris Wilkinson


Committee Member:
John S Harrison


Membership of the Society is 
open to anyone who has an interest in
the Old Dutch Capuchine.

Annual subscription
£5 per individual or partnership
£2.50 Senior & Junior

Contact the Secretary for details

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The following Members
may have birds available
from time to time:

Chris Wilkinson

Helen Seed
Bars, Red, Yellow

Graham Bates
Red, Yellow  & Black

Doug Ellis
Co. Durham
Red & Yellow

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Ron Smith USA
Ron Smith USA

Johan Opsomer 
Johan Opsomer